Aganto had been wanting to complete a timelapse of the build process of one of their temporary buildings, but the weather and the build schedule never co-incided!  Welcome to Great Britain…

Because they had plenty of decent photographs, we decided to create the building layer by layer in After Effects, and then use the photos to bring context to the different stages.


As this was destined for an exhibition, we decided to also periodically switch to full screen photographs so the change in image would catch the eye of visitors.

We personally feel this approach brings to life the build process in a way powerpoint never could, and neatly got around the awful rain and snow we’ve been “enjoying” recently!

In th future it would be good to be involved in mixing new video and 3D in a more cohesive way so you could drift in and out as you moved round the building, allowing a more X-ray feel to it.

Aganto are delighted with it, and how it communicates to their customers, and we look forward to expanding on this idea in the future.