Past Projects

A small selection of some of the projects we have competed recently:

J B Kind wanted to deploy an educational suite of videos for their extensive client base.

We decided on a granular, quick to develop and update system. with the content divided into 22 short films. These were then put into a YouTube playlist – and because the playlist URL does not change, this can be given out to clients, and content updated within the playlist with no change to the link.

For the salesmen we developed an offline mirror of the content, controlled by a page of HTML that would allow them to play the videos in a separate player. This gives them a chance to interact and gain feedback after each logical section.

Howdens needed to prepare their depots country-wide for reopening, and wanted a simple and safe way of getting the information to everyone clearly and succinctly.

Depot included all interior racking, MHE and stock.

I built a generic CGI depot, converted the COVID pack being distributed to the depots into a format that could be placed within the virtual depot, and then because no-one was available to be filmed at the time – filmed myself on a green-screen so I could be dropped into the 3D model to instruct and inform.

Presenter is easily placed within 3D framework

Because of the clarity and simplicity of this design, the feedback has been incredibly positive – it even inspired depot managers to send in their own videos of how they had converted their depot to be COVID secure, and the icing on the cake was when a HSE executive visited a depot, and was firmly instructed to observe the 1 way system as per the videos instructions!

It was cost effective – and of course was created in a completely secure environment with no risk.

Unify needed a set of instructional videos for their massive dealer network. These essentially were explainer videos to help dealers understand an visualise the benefits.

We decided to use real Unify employees to add integrity, and not least because they are the experts that will be the interface with the dealers.

For speed and flexibility in post we filmed the presenters in 4K against a green screen – this allowed framing in post for the 1080p output.

Once we had got that it was just a question of generating the visuals to support what was being described. We agreed a style and colour palette, and in record time produced a set of 5 videos in time for their December release.


I was asked to create a 2 minute film to showcase Derby & Derbyshire to China for Marketing Derby and Derby Council.

It was a very tight deadline – and a large list of places to film, plus they wanted an orchestral soundtrack that fitted the visuals, but also was musically easy to assimilate on a first hearing.



Marks and SpencerHowdens Joinery

We have just completed a contractor induction program for Marks & Spencer, and also an induction programme for Howdens Joinery. These inductions also include safe systems of work modules.

Unfortunately as these are on closed systems we cannot upload either the videos or screen shots. However if anyone is planning an induction process within their business and would like us to tender, we can demonstrate both systems to you person to person.

We’ve done a lot of work with Edgetech UK – great people, focused and know what they want, but always able to supply decent coffee!

Charlotte called me as they were launching several new products at an event, and they wanted DVD’s created for the visitors and existing customers.


We had a short amount of time to do this, but working closely with Charlotte we managed to convert standard 2D assets into 3D, edit existing footage, film new footage, and create CGI elements to illustrate the new product and how it works.


This used the Adobe Creative Suite fully as we used all four core elements: After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop and Illustrator to convert and edit all the different formats.
All this needed to be integrated into a strongly branded framework. Once we had done this we used Encore to create the DVD structure and image which was uploaded to our secure cloud so Charlotte, or anyone else at Edgetech can download the image files any time they need.





Got a call from Futaba Industrial wanting a corporate profile video for sending to prospective clients. Futaba Industrial UK Ltd (FIUK) is a Japanese automotive manufacturer based in Dove Valley Business Park in Foston, Derbyshire. The Futaba group has 16 over sea’s subsidiaries, FIUK is one of these. They were one of the first European “Just in Time” sequenced suppliers in the automotive welding industry.

The profile video was to show all aspects of their business, from the super-efficient welding, to their Kaizen philosophy, to their commitment to training and personal development.

We quickly put together a storyboard, and then took our proven “factory-fit” kit onto site. This consisted of a small crane, steadicam, battery-powered superbright LED lights, goPro’s and broadcast camera. From experience we have found that having light battery powered kit allows us to work and move around quickly and safely with no trailing leads or trip hazards.

We used the GoPros to attach to robots to give a unique and exciting point of view, and it also allowed us to go inside areas we would never normally be allowed to film in.


We created a quick 3D replica of their factory to provide a navigation panel for the video – showing where each part is relative to each other, and we also rotoscoped a fair number of frames to matte out sensitive areas, or to clean up different parts.

We were given a PowerPoint of their structure, so to bring this to life we converted to a set of PNG’s, and put into After Effects as a 3D object, which allowed us to skate across from person to person in a much more dynamic and interesting way.


Futaba were very pleased with the quality and super fast turnaround.

Unify wanted a set of OpenScape product demonstrations for their YouTube channel – all filmed in a day for a tight deadline.

Unify Training videos on their YouTube channel
Unify Training videos on their YouTube channel

We rendered multiple versions – with embedded video thumbnail clips to generate hyperlinks to other videos in the series


We took a compact setup – 2 cameras, a DSLR, a radio mic, autocue and some fresnal lights and then we were good to go. The autocue was only used for the introductory statements, all else was captured live.
We had a screen set up for the client so they could see the output, and also installed screen capture software on the demonstration PC.

Marketing Derby host a variety of event throughout the year – showcasing businesses, awards and events.
We have worked many times with them to create short videos that capture the essence of that event.

Recently we had some challenges with the music as well as the visuals! For the Property Summit event we wanted something that was quite “get-go” but suitably large in sound prescence. We composed a rythmic orchestral piece that had several development stages so it lent a shape to the video.


We then did a video for the Made in the UK event in Liverpool. For this MD decided they wanted a Beatles inspired piece – upbeat Merseybeat. Easier said than done. The Beatles were quite good(!), and are also very heavily protected by copyright. The first few bits we did were way to close for comfort, and we would have been waiting nervously for a phonecall.
This is what we ended up with:


When Andy from Gen-3 called me I knew it was going to be a great series of projects.  The idea was to bring to life an amazing liquid glass product that protected paint on anything from motorcycles to cars and airplanes.


We needed to get across that it was developed by NASA, and that unlike any other product that wears down paint, this actually preserved the paint as new.

I decided to include 3D elements to show exactly how this was done.

This showed in detail how on a molecular level this product worked.  Since filming the raw footage and building the 3D elements and compositing it together, the final series of videos are being used by Subaru, Suzuki, Autosleepers, and many other big names.


Paul from YouTeachMe first contacted us because he needed some ultra-clear but visually stylish animations to be screened on the Toshiba stand at a major educational event.

In a very short timeframe I set about the task of translating a revolutionary platform which allows teachers across the UK to effortlessly share best practice into a simple animation….


After designing a basic script and storyboard with Paul, we quickly built the basic assets in Blender. We then imported the assets into After Effects. This allowed me to then create some 3D lights and cameras, and make the assets more interesting.


Because this was designed for a large HD screen on a busy trade stand, we included a very eye catching animation designed to turn heads.
The video was a great success and was turned around in an incredibly short time. We even included some footage of Paul at the end to finish it off. It now sits on their main site to explain the concept to new visitors.
We have since designed another animation for YouTrackMe, and are in the process of assisting with some educational videos for the expanding user base.

We got a call from Winvic to ask us to build a presentation for them.
Danny knew exactly what he wanted, and had seen our work with M&S and decided we would understand what was in his head, and be able to make it a reality.


Working with Danny and the fantastic team at Winvic has been amazing.
In order to make this presentation, we included detailed 3D models, green screen work, graphics, animation and music to bring together an efficient yet sophisticated delivery method. It is engaging, not least because of eye-catching graphics, but also because it caters for different learning styles – text, diagrammatic and video.

Flint Bishop Solicitors of Derby contacted us for another simulation/tutorial of their latest Debt Recovery online software. Previously we had suggested instead of a linear video a better solution would be a basic simulation of the software which the user clicked around, and this in turn controlled an instructor video clip.
This was a great success, hence the second project.
The instructor can lead you by the hand, but if you are a repeat visitor you can click wherever you want to go directly to a particular area.

fb debt

Ultimately with training it’s all about involvement, and making the end user actually do something!

British Bobsleigh called us to film their athletes working in the gym. Most of the public have no idea how hard these guys work out (by the end of the training they are lifting around 300kg!), and so we spent the morning with them to put together a short promo centred around GB1 (mens team) who are destined for Sochi in 2014.


We went on to make 2 further videos:

  • To document the GB1 mens team training at the Olympic training centre in Formia in Italy
  • To document a photoshoot the GB1 mens team attended

formiabobsleigh photoshoot

Marketing Derby wanted to capture the buzz and some key spoken highlights at their Derby property summit at Pride Park Stadium. We spent the morning with them to film key Derby business people, and then put it into a fast paced promo video that Marketing Derby could use to showcase their events.

marketing derby

Smith of Derby had an interesting requirement: some of their long term highly experienced staff were looking to retire in the near future, and Smith wanted a way of archiving that knowledge and making it accessible for future generations of staff.
The solution we designed was a lightweight HTML/Javascript front end which ran on any device, linking to HD videos hosted within YouTube on private URL’s. At the end of each module the engineer was able to test his/her knowledge to make sure all key points within the tutorials had been covered.
The videos combined text, CGI, animation and HD video to make sure all learning styles were catered for.

Front Menu system allowing instant access to objectives and courses
Front Menu system allowing instant access to objectives and courses
Multiple choice test ensuring key learning points are understood
Multiple choice test ensuring key learning points are understood

Siemens Enterprise Communications had an event at Milton Keynes promoting their #amplifyTEAMS initiative. This is an exciting product that ties together all the different strands of communication – Twitter, FB, email, telephone, mobile and allows you to make logical connections between them all. They approached us to capture the day, also some key presentations, demonstrations, and a small set of presentation videos from their key spokes people for external broadcast.


British Boblseigh team have asked us to create a documentary following them to Sochi Winter Olympic games. Our journey started with 2 videos, 1 to promote the Futures Programme – a system of attracting young talent into the team to be trained up, and then a short video covering the World Junior Championships in Igls Austria. The documentary is our own footage and music, whereas the Futures Promo is footage from a variety of sources including iPads. Music is by Big Ant.

Bobsleigh Futures Programme promotional videoIgls Austria Junior World Championships teaser

PPS Ltd wanted to celebrate their 30 year anniversary, and send out a video broadcast to all their existing customers, and use it to introduce themselves to new customers. They had taken some video with a Flip cam of the machines arriving, and wanted us to integrate the low resolution footage into the new video.
We then wanted to show off the new machines, so used a small crane to lift around them so you could see into them and over in a more engaging way.


We were asked by Marks & Spencer to create a video for the launch of the Marks & Start Logisitics launch at Castle Donington.
Using the branding they had created, we incorporated it into the video, so all people present would be totally immersed in the visual concept.

We took the idea of the boxes they had used around the warehouse and reception, and fitted the clips which included timelapse, interviews, historic footage and graphics, into different boxes assembled in a 3D framework.
This allowed us to zoom, spin and open the boxes to reveal all the different pieces needed to create the initiative.
We also composed and recorded an orchestral score which followed the action closely.

Mackney Photography wanted to showcase not only their beautiful new studio, but also their Makeovers. We were asked to capture the light and space of the building, and also their attention to their clients during their makeovers.
Using tracks and cranes we were able to get a real feeling of how the studio worked, not only as a beautiful backdrop, but also an area that gave their clients every opportunity to look their best.

As part of an ongoing long term relationship with Actus Appraisal Software, we were asked to create 3 core videos:

  • One to provide the human side to the software and introduce some of the personalities behind Actus
  • One to provide a technical overview of the software itself
  • One to illustrate why performance management is so important to any company

actus appraisalactus appraisal demoPerformance Management

QSC are responsible for the Health & Safety at Jaguar Landrover. Big Ant have been instrumental in creating a video Induction for staff that will be shown every day for the next 2 years. This ensures consistent delivery and is engaging as it mixes real life footage, with a presenter and also text highlights and illustrations. The framework Big Ant have developed allows easy and non-costly updating.

QSC Safety

In a continuing series of videos, Big Ant created more content featuring key Flint Bishop professionals to allow Landlords to come up to speed with new legislation. Big Ant also developed elearning software to run online to allow landlords to trial the software Flint Bishop has developed to keep all licenses and paperwork identifiable and up to date.

Flint BishopFlint Bishop Liberate

Marks & Spencer were planning an event to celebrate the midway point in the build of their huge distribution centre in Castle Donington.
We were asked to come up with a design, convert and embed miles of timelapse, film in the warehouse, and then put it all together in a cohesive framework.

Because the timelapse was taken from all angles of the building, we decided to create a scale framework of the building, and then embed the video within it. There is no need then to explain to the viewer which part of the warehouse they are looking at, and thus makes it easier to visualise. It also allowed us to place doors on to ‘look inside’ at the progress made so far.

We also included very strong branding in terms of the logo and colour scheme.
M&S were delighted & the deadline was met.
Big Ant also composed an orchestral score to go behind the visuals.

Marks & Spencer wanted to record the development of their amazing million square foot warehouse at Castle Donington in the Midlands. We were guided round and recorded the production and storage systems and made a short video for their head office to view the progress.

Payne Cardiff wanted to create an Induction video for new staff to watch. We green screened key members of staff, and then filmed them at work. We then merged the 2 parts together allowing the person concerned to present their work to the new starter.

Joe Oakley wanted to record a local event to showcase his amazing skills, and to be able to send this video as a promo for people wanting to hire him for events. We filmed him in a night club, and then cut the footage from the 3 cameras into a fast moving video which was then mounted in a 3D multi-screen layout.

joe oakley

Digital Print Innovations asked Big Ant to create a demonstration of their amazing grand format printers for the Sign & Digital show at the NEC. We filmed all the machines, and also trainers demoing the various features.
The video was then screened on multiple large screens on their fantastic stand.

We were then asked to film two of their printers to give their customers an overview to it’s amazing features.

Ryley Wealth Management approached Big Ant to create a customer testimonial video. We wanted all the customers in their respective environments to add credibility, and also took the time to capture David in action at an event to show how he related to his customers. We filmed each of the clients separately and within record time so their day was largely left in tact.

ryley wealth management testimonials

Baker and Co wanted a graphical animated movieclip they could show at trade fairs and other events to show the power of their inventory logging software. We quickly created an animated feature which got across all the features in a short time frame, and that looked interesting on a plasma display.

Roythornes Solicitors wanted to put personalities online with their brilliant Solicitors and Lawyers. We were asked to create simple videos that would let people understand more of the motives that drive their staff to attain the results they do.

Mike Staniforth of Probably a Pub Company came to us with an interesting problem – he was spending many thousands on postage and cards, and wanted a more up to date way of keeping in contact with his customers at Christmas.
We suggested a video Christmas card. We filmed all the staff in a couple of hours, and then built the 3D set to put them in in our own time, so disruption was minimal. Mike then ran competitions for people to vote on the best dancer – great fun and loads of great feedback.

We were asked by Penny Power of Ecademy to visit Theo Paphitis and film an interview between her daughter Hannah and Theo himself on behalf of Digital Youth Academy. The brief was to make the camera work “edgy”, almost studentish. Thankfully we got it right and Penny was delighted.

theo paphitis

Created a stylish company profile for AstarCloud based in London. They deal in Cloud CRM, and the brief was to get an open techie feel even though it was largely interviews. We segmented the voice script into small sound bites to add focus.


Created a company profile for Rodmatic to showcase their continued success with high precision machining. This included interivews, voice-overs, detailed filming of procedures and the manufacturing, plus integration of existing footage and pictures. It was designed to be web-hosted and also shown at exhibitions.

Rodmatic Ltd

Short company profile film for Payne Worldwide, to celebrate their 100 Years and the Queens Award.
Working closely with the marketing department, we interviewed employees, either in situ, or on a green screen, then integrated the footage into a 3D stage to showcase their achievements.

payne worldwide

Series of 18 videos for the East Midlands HIEC showcasing the different ideas created by expert professionals within the health service – featuring music from the Big Ant Library.

Short clip to cover the charity fashion show held in aid of promoting awareness of Breast Cancer with music from the Big Ant Library

fashion show

2 short videos to help MCM promote the new SsangYong Korando.
The first video covers the launch night and includes an impromptu interview with the Paul Williams, the CEO of SsangYong UK and the venerable Mr Mark Campbell, and the second was designed to be looped on a Plasma display to show the different features. Features music from the Big Ant Library.

3 short films designed for the launch of ECS LLP. The brief was to get as far away from talking heads and powerpoint as we could without diluting the core messages. The companies services were split into 3 clear sections with each film having a different feel, yet getting the message across. The launch was themed around Hollywood, so the they were based around 3 famous films complete with original soundtracks composed by ourselves, rather than that of a corporate video. Features music from the Big Ant Library.

Short animation to show the benefits of Adwords in simple terms. Features music from the Big Ant Library.

Set of 3 videos showing the different processes offered by PPS Ltd. Videoed to be uploaded to YouTube channel created by ourselves, and also processed to be used in other online adverts and promotions. Features music from the Big Ant Library.

Steel polishing process for Professional Polishing Services

We filmed a set of videos giving a virtual around this chain of special pubs, famous for fantastic decor, food and service. They were optimised for YouTube. Features music from the Big Ant Library.

Short promo for Dave Smith – Team GB Bobsleigh. We are producing a documentary on his training regime. This short film shows tasters from the training, along with a timeline to show the race against the clock to get ready for Sochi Olympics in 2014. Features music from the Big Ant Library.

Promo for Dave Smith - Team GB Bobsleigh
Promo for Dave Smith – Team GB Bobsleigh

Artist documentary. This film details the creative process from gathering ideas, to hanging the finished article in a gallery for Alysn Midgelow-Marsden – a local artist who works with textiles.
We wanted to convey the connection between the real world textures and layers, and the way she brings them into her artwork. Features music from the Big Ant Library.

alysn midgelow-marsden - textile artist
Alysn Midgelow-Marsden. A short documentary.

Please note that the copyright for the following productions lies with the commissioning company, and because some use internal employees, we are not allowed to show the production online. However if you would like to talk to us in detail about these projects, please enquire via the Contact Uspage.

Series of training videos commissioned by BT for the BT Local Businesses to apply a consistent method of telesales to their sales force. The approach was broken down into modules, and based on live telephone conversations.

elearning video content for Learning and Development BT
Sales person on live call, using the approved sales model

Training on OpenReach and the BT Local Exchange. Designed to allow people to understand and picture all the pieces of the jigsaw that make up the route from the Exchange to the consumers door.

Openreach and the BT Local exchangeOpenreach and the BT Local exchange
Openreach and the BT Local exchange

Original music composed by Steve Balaam for Gavin Whittaker -IT author[/caption]

Short video to showcase the amazing joinery talents of Construction and Joinery Services

Short video to showcase the amazing joinery talents of Construction and Joinery Services

Series of customer testimonials commissioned by BT for BT Local Businesses – they illustrate the day to day useage of BT’s technology, and the real emotional reasons people bought from them.

BT customer testimonial
Real people talking about BT and their business

A Day in the life of a BT Local Business. Mini documentary to allow new starters to explore a local business, meet key people, and understand the expectation from them

BT Local business salespersonBT Local business salesperson performance chart
BT Local business salesperson in action
BT Local business salesperson in action
BT Local business salesperson in action
BT Local business salesperson in action

Series of videos commissioned by the FSA through Insight Consulting and developed whilst employed as a multimedia/videographer developer by Siemens, to show a disaster scenario, and then the media reaction to it, and how the FSA’s disaster recovery plans would allow their continued operation.

Disaster simulationFinancial Services Authority
Financial Services Authority
Nicholas Witchell reporting for the FSA using green screen, shot on standard DV

Siemens groundbreaking online induction program designed to be accessed anywhere. Ability to explore offices, meet members of staff and directors, and access variety of information critical to a new starter.

Siemens online employee induction programSiemens online employee induction program

Siemens Voice over IP elearning course, complete with video and simulations.

Voice over IP courseVoice over IP course

Siemens Xpressions unified messaging product

Siemens Xpressions – full e-learning product, with simulation of Outlook client, plus Client assistant products

Video Portfolio

Flash and XML based video portfolio for demonstrating product range