Why video?

Years ago the World Wide Web did not have the speed or bandwidth to host video. Because of this web designers had various challenges to overcome to create the same level of involvement that a video would create. To this end they designed animations, text animations, and various other low bandwidth methods to gain some sort of movement and ‘live’ quality into the site.

Now all that has changed. With the advent of youTube, Vimeo, and others, it is possible to not only have video for your website, but also not to pay a penny for it to be hosted.

Video is the most direct way of communicating your message.
Imagine the impact of your existing customers speaking directly to your potential customers and recommending your services?

Or imagine applying for a job, and someone being able to see you present yourself and your abilities online? In a world where time is increasingly a precious commodity, video is a very powerful tool…

Video is tipped to be the single biggest factor in ranking, search engine visibility, and site popularity this year, and we will make sure we are part of this happening!

Tips for content and style
Small to medium businesses do not need a recreation of the Citroen transformer adverts, or an imitation of ‘The Office’ to gain attention, which is great news considering the budgets involved in those!

When considering video content, start at the beginning:

  • Who do we want to attract?
  • What product or service do we want to focus on?

As with anything, focus is everything! Don’t try to explain absolutely everything you do. Each month you could highlight a different area, create a separate video, and explain this clearly and succinctly. Google, Yahoo, and all other search engines love updates, and based on this we have fantastic video loyalty packages which allow you to do exactly that.

So your video should allow you to gain new interest in your site, plus retain your existing customers attention, and provide a human and sincere pitch.

Once you have decided on your objective:

  • Keep it brief (2 minutes max, shorter if possible). Think ‘Bite Sized’!
  • Make sure the quality is high; this is a visual representation of your company and it should reflect the quality of your company.
  • Involve professional scriptors to provide a snappy, targeted script that hits all the right notes without waffle or sounding ingenuine
  • Make sure the video is professionally shot. There is a world of difference between amateur web footage and professional – check out the amateur and professional footage on youTube if you doubt it!

Please browse our different areas to get ideas on how we can help you move from a traditional static site, to a site that embraces video in this evolution of internet communication.

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