We’ve been lucky enough to have been invited down to Loughborough University for 2 days to film the British Bobsleigh Team preparing for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics .
Now bear in mind that these guys at the moment are just conditioning training for when they go onto the big heavy, strength training. Imagine lifting more than three times your body weight, 10 times in a row, taking a couple of minutes to recover then doing again another 5 times! We were stunned at the dedication these guys and girls showed. They do this week in, week out, with only one day a week to rest before back into another six days of training.

Bruce Tasker Showing it’s not just pushing a sled that counts in Bobsleigh with 220kg on the bar.
Kelly Denyer showing the girls are as developed as the guys and train every bit as hard.

John Jackson GB1 Pilot and winner of Gold in the Europa Cup taking the strain of 230kg. This amount increases massively by the end of training. The pink shorts allow him to lift a further 20 kilos 🙂

Steve from BigAnt in action – slightly different to the Bobsleigh guys though!
Here’s some of the footage we shot – original music by us too!