Back at Loughborough University today for our final day with Team GB Bobsleigh’s training camp. We’ve had an amazing few days meeting the Athletes and filming their efforts in their quest to be world No1 in Bobsleigh.

To understand the explosive energy needed to propel a heavy 4 man bobsleigh to maximum speed, Big Ant video decided to get in a push cart, and let John Jackson, Bruce Tasker and Stu Benson, of GB1 push Steve and camera.

From Steve’s perspective it completely redefined what he thought was possible. Combined weight of push cart and Steve was around 150Kg, and with just Jacko pushing first, Steve felt as though he had been fired out of a gun. Despite wedging his neck firmly against the handle, bracing the camera, and holding on, it was still impossible to keep the camera from riding up. Steve is no stranger to acceleration owning a 1200cc motorcycle, and having done 10 second quarter miles on it, but this was 0-MAX instantly.

With Bruce and Stu Steve knew it was going to be even tougher, so knowing how the camera moved, he swapped the standard lens for a 16mm wide angle. This meant even if the camera jolted, the lads would still be in the frame.
It worked, both in terms of shot, but also educating us in what makes these athletes so special.

We also had the opportunity to capture Joel Fearon and Craig Pickering in action. These guys are the all important brakemen when it comes to competition. As the bobsleigh leaves the start everyone is pushing, but then they all start getting into the bob, which leaves one man outside, still pushing and running with up to 630 kilograms to keep moving – so he need to be a world class sprinter with massive upper body strength. Joel and Craig both excel in these areas, and it will be exciting to watch them develop towards Sochi in 2014.