London Eye
We recently went to London to film some major landmarks for a client in Derby. One of the commissions was the beautiful Battle of Britain Sculpture by the Thames by amazing artist Paul Day.
These sculptures have to be filmed as it’s only when you track around the sculpture that you appreciate the way the lives captured in the material reach out to you. Amazing.
Later we ventured out at night to get the Eye and Big Ben at night. The detail in the stonework is immense, and the proportions of the tower are beautiful. It’s never as big as I imagine – more elegant in fact, so I had to take a photo that made it look deceptively big!
As we were filming, it started to snow pretty hard. However Londoners are a tough breed and apart from the cancelled train (the snow was the wrong kind of snow…) everything pretty much went as planned.
Next day I couldn’t resist getting a few more pictures of the Eye – it really is pretty cool when you are right by it.