We had a call from the awesome guys at Unify about creating some more tutorials. The previous OpenScape videos had been a real success, so Unify in Germany wanted to create a set too.
Michael from Unify Germany was a real star and made my life very easy by being fluent in the product, and also being an engaging speaker. However we filmed 2 versions of 18 tutorials in a single day! So it was a long day. We also filmed English and German versions.

When I got back to our edit suite I had several sets of footage – to camera, off camera, screen movie and text.
The trick was to match up the correct animations with the correct language and text.

It’s a weird thing but you don’t necessarily have to be fluent in language to be able to edit in it. A good understanding of the phrasing is a bonus, and it helps to have basic grammar. However we got a great workflow with Michael who was able to spot better ways of phrasing or describing an action or feature, and between us we had the videos done and uploaded within 2 weeks.

It helps a great deal by being properly prepared – we knew what we wanted in terms of camera angles, lighting and animations, and Sally and Michael had scripts prepared. These were loaded into the autocue right from the start, and Michael had the choice of reading straight off it, or using it as an aide-memoire. This meant we hit the ground running.