We got a call from Sally at Unify asking us how many product demos we could film in a day for a tight deadline.
These videos were to be hosted on their YouTube channel, and also needed to include an ending sequence that had video links to all the other tutorials.

Unify Training videos on their YouTube channel

Ever the optimists, we said we could film 6 in a day and have them ready in 4 days.
This we achieved – also creating different versions for different multimedia sites.

The great thing about Unify is they have a large number of product experts on site, so it was relatively easy for them to pull someone in (thank you Dave) to demonstrate the product. The only content loaded onto autocue were the introductory statements – all else was Dave simply doing his thing. It was decided this is a more natural way to demonstrate a product – more what the customer would experience.

We took a compact setup – 2 cameras, a DSLR, a radio mic, autocue and some fresnal lights and then we were good to go.
We had a screen set up for the client so they could see the output, and also installed some screen capture software on the demonstration PC.