We had a tight deadline request from M&S for an event where they were celebrating the progress they had made with their incredible distribution centre in Castle Donington. With only 5 days (including the weekend!) we had to come up with a design, convert and embed miles of timelapse, film in the warehouse, and then put it all together in a cohesive framework.

Because the timelapse was taken from all angles of the building, we decided to create a scale framework of the building, and then embed the video within it. There is no need then to explain to the viewer which part of the warehouse they are looking at, and thus makes it easier to visualise.

It also allowed us to place doors on to ‘look inside’ at the progress made so far.

We also included very strong branding in terms of the logo and colour scheme.
M&S were delighted – the deadline was met, and it turned out to be a huge hit for employees within M&S.