We attended a great wine tasting held by our good friends and business colleagues Jean Pierre Hourlier and Chris Michael.
Great variety and selection of Reds, Whites and Rose, with some real surprises. We discovered 2 whites and 2 reds that will now be on our permanent list, and we also discovered how a lable can really influence your perception of quality even before you have tasted it. It shouldn’t be this way, but us humans are really affected by design, and I was surprised how one of the most tacky labels hid a fantastic wine. Check out Hourlier wines for more information.

Temperature is key for tastings; too cold and you kill the flavour. Sometimes just a bit of ice is all you need – plus it makes a nice photo!

This port is consistently amazing. Rich, ultra smooth and great depth. We find the problem is one bottle will never last us more than a sitting. Gorgeous.