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Online video marketing may be one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website because people prefer watching videos to listening to audios or reading text. Using inexpensive technology, you can easily create your own home video and upload it to share with others on a video sharing site like YouTube. Do you want to become a real online craftsman?

Here are five ways to make your online video marketing count.

1. Write a great title.

Just like an article headline in an article directory or a headline on a list of posts on a blog, the title of your video on a video sharing website is what attracts people to click on the link leading to your video. Additionally, this is also your opportunity to slip in your major keyword.

2. Grow your brand by providing excellent content.

The purpose of your online video is to attract people to your website. Hopefully, your viewers will be so fascinated by your video that they will visit your website to find out more about you. Use your video to share your knowledge and expertise.

3. Keep it short and sweet.

Unless you’re using your video for a documentary, it is best to keep your video short. According to a survey done by Comscore in 2009, the most popular videos are about 4 minutes.

4. Connect your video with your website.

There are three ways to connect your video to your website. First, include your URL right inside the video, as well as in the description box. Second, write a description about your business and the purpose of your video after you have uploaded it to a video sharing site. Third, use a logo image in the video and your company slogan in the description to brand your video.

5. Use a social media agency to increase viewers.

There are many excellent companies online that can help your video marketing go viral by adding strategies that will fuse your video content with social bookmarking and social networking technology. Essentially, the purpose of your video is to stimulate conversations all over the Internet about who you are and what services you provide.