When QSC Health and Safety Consultants of Derby, approached BigAnt about making a Health and Safety (H&S) video for them at Jaguar Land Rover we knew that it would be a big site. We arrived in Solihull and were shown to the area were were filming in – this is the size of 18 football pitches, but that is only a fraction of the 300 acre total site! With a construction site that big you don’t need good H&S, you need expert H&S, hence where QSC come in.

QSC have a proven track record of managing large complex construction sites and have a dedicated team of Safety experts headed up by Shane Moore. We had two days on site and can only say the scale was jaw dropping! Some of the areas were filming in were like something from Terminator, such was the complexity of the machinery being used to build the new Range Rover. A really enjoyable couple of days (especially the chicken kebabs!) and looking forward to developing this innovative product with QSC.