Well lunch time came and along with it torrential rain – not good news for the guys racing this afternoon. We made our way up to the start of the track where all the teams assemble to prep the sleds before the inspection pre racing. Once the sleds have been checked for runner size and had a coat of acetone applied to them, nothing or no-one is allowed to touch the runners before the sled hits the ice.

Whilst the officials were checking the sleds the Team GB Bobsleigh Athletes started their warm up process – essential for ensuring top performance. The rain wasn’t helping as the guys had to “warm up” in the rain!

GB were 6th to start and the following photos show the power these lads need to find within a couple of seconds
to get 390kg moving as fast as possible!

After the first heat we moved further down the track to get a different view – Steve even had time to practise his Karate Kid impression whilst waiting!

As you can see though the fog had really started rolling in which delayed the start of the 2nd heat considerably.

Against strong teams from Germany Switzerland and Russia, as well as the track weather conditions being far from ideal, the guys came in at a credible 11th and 17th.