The previous day the mens junior team had been up early to tune the sleds.

Olly fine tuned the steering on the sled in the morning whilst the Will and the other lads checked runners and added the little components that make all the difference.

Today, with the sun out and the temperature rising this afternoon it wasn’t going to be too much of a challenge to pop up to the Olympic Sliding Center to see the British Bobsleigh Mens Team in practice this afternoon.

The Mens Junior World Championship starts tomorrow afternoon, so the practice training sessions are an essential part of the overall prep that is needed to get the teams up to speed.
Watching the ritual that each of the athletes performs prior to the initial push off from the start line, makes you understand how seriously these guys take their sport. The fine tuning and the mechanics behind the maintenance of the sleds is another aspect of this sport not fully appreciated. All though these sleds look very strong there is a lot that needs to be done before and after each competition and training session to maximise Team GB Bobsleighs destination of reaching medal status.

I think I was more nervous at the start than our GB athletes! They seem indestructible, calm and collected.

However, after a shout and a few slaps, the adrenaline kicks in and the calm changes into a huge surge of power propelling the sled down the ice.

The pace was good today, and all the athletes seemed well prepared mentally and physically for the competition tomorrow.