What a great day! Beautiful sunshine, hospitable clients, and even wine gums and Magnum ice-creams. It doesn’t get much better than this!
Lucinda Carney from Advance Change and Actus Performance Appraisal Systems was the perfect host as well as being an extremely capable and engaging presenter.
Together with the amazing Gordan (you KNOW when you’ve been Tango’d!), Karen and Chris (whom I have to thank for the Magnum and wine gums), we filmed a serious amount of footage to promote and explain the new Actus software.

Having a corporate background myself, I was able to appreciate the impact this type of software could have in terms of organising, measuring and assisting staff appraisals and optimising their performance.
Ultimately with happy and motivated staff, this software would not only pay for itself, but manage your own stress level as well!

We are now creating introductory videos to show the faces and talent behind this remarkable cloud based program, and also dynamic tours and tutorials. Watch this space!
Here it is: