Ever wondered how the steel in lifts got so polished and smooth, or how your pub tables got their beautiful circular patterns? No? Well neither had we until back in July with met with Kirsty and Peter from PPS Ltd in Smethwick, West Midlands.

Their commitment to producing the best finishes to steel is obvious from the enthusiam and devotion shown when we were given a guided tour round the production facility.

We used both DSLR’s and our fantastic Sony NXCAM for the footage. At one point they needed to be wrapped in clingfilm, but apart from that it was straightforward.

One of the problems in shooting in an environment like this, is the amount of reflections. We used polarising filters and some interesting angles to counteract undesired light, reflections, and unwanted images appearing.

All in all, a great shoot with a really positive, hospitable company. Big thanks to Kirsty and Peter for your enthusiasm, meticulous preparation of your amazing factory, and prompt communication. More please!

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