YouTube and improving your SEO

If you’ve read our section on Why Video, you will already know the arguments for having video, and for regular updates. Google recognises updates, particularly video content. Couple this with a YouTube channel with the correct titles, and your site visibility will increase dramatically.

This is why Big Ant have come up with Web TV package. Here you have monthly updates focussing on your business offers, direction, and interesting news. These monthly ‘broadcasts’ are optimised and uploaded to your own youTube channel (which we can create for you), complete with titles and video logo.

We offer coaching on getting the most out of your broadcast. This is because we would not recommend more than 3 minutes at most.

Inspirative Arts wanted a series of videos, a YouTube channel, and a video logo.
Working with them we produced videos that closely fitted their specification and message, and then designed their YouTube channel to suit their website and branding.

Mark Campbell Motors wanted simply to get information across about how their car selection and warranty works, and to put it across in a sincere way.
Mark himself was videoed in a morning at his premises, using a green screen.
The footage was then taken back to our studio, where the external footage was fitted into a flat screen image, and placed behind Mark.

Link to actual site:
Mark Campbell Motors Video Library

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