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Naked i and Big Ant Video

Video will be showing this weekend at The Beetroot Tree art gallery in Draycott.

Had a really creative video shoot last night with Debra Yates – a very talented artist and graphic designer.
Debra Yates - filmed by Big Ant Video
In Debra’s words:
‘NAKED i’ is an ambient exhibition
that introspectively examines the
fragility of the human body and
considers the beauty, materiality
and mortality of the flesh.

NAKED i aims to engage the viewer
with the aim of fostering respect for
the transient nature of being human
and remind us that beneath the visible
exterior is a fragile, organic machine.

Our bodies are the most constant
entities in our lives. Without them
we simply would not exist and yet,
all too often, we are oblivious to the
complexity of our ‘inner space’ and
instinctively treat our bodies as a
mere carrier for our consciousness.
Debra Yates - filmed by Big Ant Video - video production Derby
We first projected previous video onto her, against a green screen so we could then extract her from the video and place her into the existing 3D framework that is to hold all the clips. We also did some serious macro video of her eye.
The aim was to create 1080p footage of just the iris, and we succeeded. To get this we tried both a Sony NXCAM fitted with macro extender, and a Canon 550D. The Sony produced the best macro footage, and the idea of an iris projected at almost 2K resolution is pretty cool.

Now all the footage will be dropped into a 3D framework to create textures, lighting and layers that you can navigate through.
Debra Yates - filmed by Big Ant Video - video production Derby
Debra Yates - filmed by Big Ant Video - video production Derby

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