E-learning and online education – save money and go green

To host your company induction online has to be the way to go. No longer are people geographically tied to a particular hotel or venue, nor are there the co-ordination headaches associated with this type of event. The green impact is significant with zero travel costs.

Online can be immersive, absorbing, and can form the backbone of a great reference section on your intranet for your employees. Your company culture and mission statements can be explained in dynamic ways, and available 24-7, even on mobile devices, which makes it invaluable as a reference tool.

The induction program above was developed whilst working for Siemens Communications Ltd. It involved all areas of the company, and allowed the user to explore wherever their interest lay.

Furthermore, the female host you see at the beginning was scripted to appear and guide the user should they miss a crucial section.

All the content shown remains the property of Siemens Communications Ltd, and my thanks extends to them for having the forsight to allow myself and my team to develop and implement such a forward thinking idea.

Please note that all aspects of the design belong to Siemens Communications Ltd, and they hold the copyright on all elements shown here.

The Voice Over IP course was revolutionary in that it allowed the student to build a network, test different devices on it, and see the results.

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