Steve is our normal blogger, but this time you’ve got me – Sheila!
Back in April as a birthday present I was given a voucher for a make over with Simon Mackney from Mackney Photography in Darley Abbey Mills. I had met Simon before and knew of his work both by seeing it and by reputation. Being busy (and reluctant!) I never got round to booking the session but had it in the back of my mind to do. Then at the beginning of June we had a call from Simon asking BigAnt to go see him and talk about a video that would show what the makeovers were all about as well as giving everyone a look at their studio over at Darley Abbey Mills.
From the meeting with Simon and his business partner Wendy it became clear that the I fitted the demographic they were aiming for – so we booked a date and I was about to do something I don’t like and that is be IN FRONT of the camera – video and photographic!

We arrived at the studio and I was amazed at the space, use of light and variety of backdrop’s prop’s and accessories that were available. Whilst Steve and Simon were setting up the assortment of camera’s, jib’s and track I was sat down by Wendy (the Artistic Director) to talk in depth about what I wanted from the experience.

Wendy did a great job at relaxing me, talking through the outfits I’d bought over, and showing me examples of previous work they had created, so I could see the variety of styles.? She also suggested different combinations of clothes I had brought which created new outfits which we used in the actual pictures.

Then into make-up with the lovely Natalie? – again we spent a long time talking about different make-up techniques, what my preferences were and what was going to work with the choice of clothes. Natalie then set about “transforming” me! Never having had a makeover before I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was amazing watching Natalie at work changing me into a very “glam” Sheila!
Here I am doing my best Vogue front page pose!? I never thought I would feel this comfortable in front of a camera, but the attention given to me by Simon and Wendy just made me feel so wonderful I couldn’t help but enjoy the whole experience.

I’ve seen a couple of the finished photos from the shoot and they look amazing!? I can’t wait to see the other ones from the different areas in the studio.

Have a look at the finished video.? This takes you through the front door, all around the studio, and also shows you what to expect when you book a Makeover with Wendy and Simon.? I can honestly say I haven’t felt this pampered in a long time…? Steve; take note!