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Dave Smith talks to Dawn Whitemore of University of Derby Corporate


Big Ant Video and Dave Smith Team GB Bobsleigh

What a day! Woke up to deep snow and an appointment at BBC Radio Derby at 8:00am. Left at 7:00am and arrived in the car park at 07:45 after a slippy journey into Derby. Dave Smith Team GB Bobsleigh arrived shortly after, and we soon had the bobsleigh unloaded and ready. Phil Trow from BBC…

Filming at Pierre-Hourlier Wines

Just completed filming footage for a customer testimonial for a FTSE100 company. Pierre-Hourlier Wines are a user of their services, and kindly agreed to be filmed to promote new services offered. A big thank you to Jean-Pierre and the family for their hospitality, and great wine samples!

Adding that human touch!

It is hard to convey sincerity through words alone, so for a very competitive price, we can film a short clip that blends in with your site, and provides the human connection a website often lacks. We are not looking for a perfect performance – in fact often this is not a good idea due…

Mark Campbell Motors WebTV

Mark Campbell Motors video channel is now live. Here Mark gets introduce you to why his selection of cars is so effective in providing a first class car for you, and also the importance of servicing your car.

Plumbing Merchant Video

Putting together a promotional video for a plumbing merchants. Green screening the owners, and then letting them add a commentary. Watch this space…

Video is King

Even if you check figures from December 2009, over 178 million people watched 33.2 billion videos…. Here’s a breakdown of the situation back then: Total audience – 33,242,835,000 Google sites: 13bn plus Hulu: 1BN plus Microsoft sites: 0.5 BN Fox interactive media: 0.5 BN Yahoo! Sites: 0.5 BN Viacom Digital: 0.37 BN Turner Network: 0.35…

Improving your www ranking.

Search engines are designed to notice when someone plays a video that you have posted. Because quality videos are so efficient at sustaining interest, and holding someone on your page for a longer time, search engines assign the page with the video a higher ‘stickiness’ rating, raising the overall ‘interest quotient’ that search engines give…

BT Local Businesses

Working on a sequence of Sales Training videos in conjunction with IPDL and BT Local Businesses.  Big thank you to BT for making us so welcome, and for their support throughout the filming.