Turning churn to your advantage!

Here’s a typical scenario that we often encounter with Instructor lead training:

  • Trainer has just delivered a course to 10-15 new starters, for example Health & Safety regulations and responsibilities.
  • A week after the course, an employee leaves, or goes off on long-term sick-leave.

Now the company won’t normally entertain the idea of hiring a trainer to train a single replacement, especially when they may be temporary. But if your course has been videoed, and uploaded onto a server in a format that allows the instructor and Powerpoint slides to run seamlessly, then you can offer the company concerned the opportunity of a 1-off payment, to allow that new starter to log in, and view the material.

You are happy because your course has become more valuable, and they are happy because they are fulfilling their legal obligations.

As you are probably familiar, full e-learning solutions are cost-effective when serving many people, but unrealistic if only a small audience is anticipated.

This is why we have a product that we can produce in record time, but essentially captures everything shown in the classroom. The viewer can stop, start, rewind to make sure they miss nothing, and it becomes a product that you can resell easily to clients who may not have enough employees to make an instructor cost-effective.

Of course you could take this all one step further, and segment your courses into online and ILT to offer a truly blended solution!

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