Tradeshow video – stand out from the crowd

tradeshow video banner
If you’re going to a trade show soon, have a look at peoples behaviour around the different stands.
Whilst pull-up banners are slick and functional, they have become the norm, and usually there is a forest of them, making it very difficult to see the wood for the trees (!). Anyone with a video display (or better still a projector), draws the eyes of the passers by, and also offers a non-threatening way of educating people about their business. No-one feels awkward watching a TV!

Aganto wanted to showcase how simple their buildings were to construct, and how it could be achieved in just 4 days.

We created a High Definition 3D/photo video that broke the build down into the 4 days, and also allowed strong branding in terms of colour and logos,

When Flash Jordan approached us, they wanted to have a more effective and engaging method of reaching their audience, and also wanted the display to act as an education about their manufacturing process. Therefore we did macro-videography of the new range of jewellery, and then an inset of the process of making it in the second half.

The video was created in a single day to meet their deadline for their show, and the feedback was amazing. Visitors were able to see the jewellery in a level of detail that would previously need a magnifying glass, and it also allowed people to see the complete range without crowding the cases containing the items. It’s a simple thing to accomplish, but could be the key differentiator between yourself and your competitors…

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