Category: Video gear

BigAnt nerve centre expands!

Everything installed and set up after adding another server for processing video. It might seem a bit OTT with 5 screens and 3 servers, but with all the complex 3D rendering and chroma-key footage plus multiple projects, we need it just to keep everything moving. It also comes with inbuilt tea and coffee capability. Another…

New Matte Box for the NXCAM

Got our new matte box for the Sony NXCAM today – was a good price and it’s great to see it’s all metal and carbon fibre – fits really well with lots of adjustuble gubbins, and also came with a really cool handle that doubles as an accessory mount; see microphone and monitor. Very pleased.

New Kit

New kit arrived today! Now gets to sit by the side of our Sachtler and Velbon. Happy families!