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Big Ant at Marble Arch with AstarCloud

Big Ant were priviliged to be asked by AstarCloud to film a company profile, to be shown at Cloud Expo Europe at Olympia, and also to be shown on their YouTube channel. AstarCloud knew what they wanted; their staff to participate, but be filmed in such a way that would allow them to appear natural….

Royal Wedding mug gets royal treatment!

Mark Campbell Motors of Breaston commissioned a Royal Wedding mug from Debra Yates of Vivid Creative. She used various car parts including seatbelts and exhausts, to form a royal crest, and the words within were the tongue in cheek phrase ‘The Worlds largest car dealership in Breaston”. We felt morally compelled to film it, and…

Composing soundtrack for corporate client

Hard at work creating music to underpin a short film commissioned by a corporate client. Interesting as it can’t be too quirky or intrusive otherwise it will take over from the narrative, but equally we don’t want it to be too vanilla and bland. I must drink more coffee…