Month: July 2011

We love our job!

Great day filming some fab people. Didn’t realise how fun it could be talking about streamlining the NHS! Big shout out to Geoff, Lina from and Nigel for making our job so easy!

East Midlands HIEC

Big Ant are currently filming for the East Midlands HIEC. HIEC stands for Health Innovation and Education Cluster, and they are tasked with looking at different aspects of patient care, and coming up with new ways to focus resources, and streamline/document processes so they can be repeated reliably and consistently. It has been a real…

Use Video to answer common questions from Clients

Video touches multiple senses and has a big impact delivering a solid punch that mobilizes viewers to take action. We are visual animals. People get to see, hear, and most importantly feel your companies’ presence. We know that people do business with people they like. We make very rapid judgments and decide within seconds whether…