Month: January 2011

Composing soundtrack for corporate client

Hard at work creating music to underpin a short film commissioned by a corporate client. Interesting as it can’t be too quirky or intrusive otherwise it will take over from the narrative, but equally we don’t want it to be too vanilla and bland. I must drink more coffee…

Video Benefits

What are the benefits of having video on your website? Its quick with minimum disruption to business – we can arrive shoot and leave in 2 hours for a 2 minute video. Lower costs than traditional advertising or marketing, with better results remember – 700 billion videos viewed last year! It makes money …

Every day is a school day

Phew! We are excited, exhilarated and exhausted! We’ve had a fabulous day with Patrick Welsh who offers mentoring and marketing services. Patrick has helped discover how to use our marketing more strategically and cost-effectively. We’ve been through everything we do, identified an action plan and now have to put it into practise. We have 13…

Great Week

Busy Busy Busy! Great week so far – lots of filming, lots of editing, new kit arrived and an appointment with a dream Client on Friday! Its all Good!

New Kit

New kit arrived today! Now gets to sit by the side of our Sachtler and Velbon. Happy families!

Green screen in the comfort of your own home!

Filmed a very busy client today who hadn’t got time to attend a studio shoot, so popped round in the evening to their house and quickly got the shot we needed to insert into the production. We were in and out in 1.5 hours.